Digital Marketing is important to grow your businesses ,of course why not because now every business is going online and many of the businesses are shifting online.

If you want grow your businesses online you have to do it via digital marketing, In this generation everyone are using smartphone everyone uses apps like facebook,instagram,youtube etc…,

To promote business online we have to create a website with details of your company ,whom you are going to provide services and what kind of services you are going to provide, about the pricing details and with some basic information create a website , creating a website is easy with word press no need of coding required.

According to some statistics there are more than 1 billion active users on instagram,facebook has 2.8 billion and youtube have 2.2 billion on active users every month, it is increasing every year at the percentage of 20-25%

How Digital Marketing is going to help you , let’s assume that in india there are 400 million are active users monthly we can run facebook ads those who are interested in investing, savings through digital marketing channels we can retarget them by using various methods and different tactics in digital marketing the budget is low when compared to traditional marketing and return on investment is very high we know from where the customers are coming.

We can promote businesses via various digital marketing channels and social media platforms. 

You can do SEO that anyone searches on google about Investing and related to investments. If your blog ranks on top of the google search you may get clients from there also.

Google is the largest platform to grow businesses online because everyone uses google chrome ,youtube and other various google apps Google gets 80% of its money from advertising only every businesses are going online and advertising via google platforms.

How Digital Marketing will help investment companies 

Digital Marketing helps to grow investment companies , by having  a proper funnel like whom they are going to serve like Stocks , mutual funds , crypto ,bonds and savings.

If you know who you are going to provide service it’s easy to build a funnel.

After getting some customers you have to nature them via remarketing and sending personalised emails for them conducting webinars and clearing their doubts. Provide some content free to them the content should be valued for them.

Build a tribe or community in social media channels and various other platforms and tell them to ask their doubts there and clear them. Understand the goal and risk of the customer like how much risk they are ready to take and how much they want to make in return .

 With the help of Digital Marketing you can grow your businesses.

If your business is not online your business is not going to survive.

Businesses should sell where the people are hanging .The sale happens where the customers are there. In today ‘s generation even 10 year old kid also have mobile phones using  social media. 

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