Do you want to learn digital marketing

If you want to become a digital marketer you should be creative.Do something creative not everyone is doing and you have to use different kinds of strategies.

Market is also based on science.

If you develop a product that the customer needs it is called doesn’t need  marketing. 

Why it is based on science is because marketing is sending a message or mail to the right person at the right time.That person should think that you are talking to him directly. 

Marketing is not about selling; you should keep the existing customer.

Marketing is building a brand.

Give some time for yourself  to build a brand in the market.Because it takes time to build a brand for yourself.

Don’t be in the competition to be no 1. Be only one 

When people think of some product your products should come first in their mind. 

Create good content. Content means it should be storytelling.The person must be very interested to read the next line.keep the content similar from line to line.

In the market enter the competitive field and execute in a different way.Don’t do what the others are doing, think it in a different way.

In digital marketing you no need to become perfect everything.There are different types of marketing in this (for example )

SEO(Search engine optimization)

SMM(Social media marketing)



PPC(Pay per click ) 




SEM(Search engine marketing)

You can build your brand in one specific profile.


Marketing is about communication and about perceptions .

Every company needs marketing.without marketing no company cannot be run.

Marketing is a rewarding career how? From the past 100 years marketing is there i will be gonna stay for next 100 years also. No AL or Autorobots cannot change the market.Because humans can think more creative.They AI can be used as a tool in marketing.

Marketing is the most important valuable investment for business. Without marketing there will be no use of developing products. The  entrepreneurs and CEOs should learn about marketing.

If you know marketing and how to sell the products it is a most safe is the only thing every company,business needs.

In company there are different types of sections like HR ,production,Accounting etc.., But they will not get the immediate ROI.But the market is the best investment where it will get the immediate ROI. 

Market should not be completely outsourced or given to an agency because you don’t know how they handle your project.Every company entrepreneur and CEO should learn marketing.  


Why communication skills are so important in marketing

Good marketing is all about Good communication skills.

Good communication skills are not about speaking or writing in good english. It is about how you communicate with people. You should communicate with people who are sitting beside you.Thats how the market works. 

When you’re thinking, think in english.

To improve your writing skills is the main thing that will improve your knowledge and skills.

You can gain communication skills by reading books,speaking to others.

Every entrepreneur should learn about global economics.

They should be more focused on developing countries than the developed countries.

For example, developed countries like Japan and other countries will think about spending money because their population is most of the old age. 

Developing countries like india,china have the most young age population so it works in the developing countries.

In 2019 in India the promotion of digital advertising was 160 billion will go up to 540 billion in 2024 .

Digital marketing is a most  prominent and established has about 70-80%market occupation.

How can you teach digital marketing yourself

Start your own blog .

Read digital marketing blogs.

Watch videos on youtube.

Do an internship – Digital Deepak

Listen to a digital marketing podcast. 

Watch webinars.



Brand development 

A business is not about the name or the product of the company, it is the voice and message of the brand that receives a wider reach and people also look for the brand as a trusted name. For example (brands like BMW,AUDI),They have a wider reach.

Wider reach 

Digital marketing helps expand the presence of the brand and creates a platform to reach a vast number of customers. For example (Apple,Samsung) these phones don’t need promotion because they have a wide reach across the countries .

Lower cost 

The cost effectiveness of digital marketing is very advantageous for business.spending on digital marketing is very less compared to the traditional marketing.In digital marketing we can track the ROI it affects lower cost.


High competition 

The digital marketing campaign should be well though and stand out. It should grab attention and create impact in the target audience .


It depends on technology.Some times the links may not work and landing pages may not load. 

This impacts on the campaign.

Security issues

Security is the primary requirement for any brand.we can secure the network by using firewalls and encrypted tools like  VPN  

The niche selection and content creation based upon the particular niche is very much important. You can grab the attention of the people based upon your niche .You should continuously engage with your customers and ask them what content they require.And by engaging with people who follows you is the most important because they are the customers for you.create content on people needs this is how you can success.write some interesting articles do your own research and attend webinars watch some youtube videos relevant to your content.Which may help you to create content very creative.While writing article keep your audience in your mind and write it. Write articles on quora,yourstory,medium, to create some backlinks to your page.   

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