How to setup your first campaign in Google Ads

How to set up google ads and run ads on google . While coming to 

Digital marketing PPC(pay per click) plays a major role in marketing. 

Google ads is one of the major role in marketing industry and the amount of ad spend on google is increasing every year

See the report from satista how much the amount is spent on google ads it is going to be increase year by year 

How to setup Ad account 

To get started with google ads create an account with google ads it’s pretty simple to create an account with google ads.

To create your first ad in google 

After creating your ad account it will you show like this 

Click on the new campaign

It will display this page and click on based upon your requirement . For example if you need traffic click on the website traffic or if you need leads click on the leads 

For example you need website traffic click on the website traffic 

It shows this page there are different kinds of ads in google like search ads , display ads , video ads , shopping ads 

For traffic click on SEARCH ADS and it will take you to the next page 

Here in this page we have to set up our ad

First you can set up your daily budget.

In bidding you can focus on conversions,impressions,clicks etc..,

Set up Demographics like age,location,audience,language in campaign settings 

Set keywords based upon your article . select keywords from google keyword planner , ahrefs seo tool and quora and include in it  

Try to select “Broad Match keywords” add more number of keywords 

Write an ad copy for your ad focus what is your ad based on and headlines should be 30 characters description should be 90 characters.

If you need a quick response from you, add some extensions. If you are running an ad for ecommerce add extension like “SHOP NOW” you can add extensions like call to action.

Later that click on review you ad will go for review.

After getting you ad approved you can see like this how many impressions,clicks,conversions etc…, in your ad account

You can add extra keywords which you get while running the ads and remove negative keywords from the ad.

That’s it very simple for a beginner to run an ad from this blog 

If you need more information you can message me or shoot me mail at [email protected] for any queries feel free to contact me 

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