What is Digital Marketing

 Do you want to know all about Digital Marketing ? 

Marketing is the art of selling something to someone. 

Digital Marketing is a form of marketing through which you can advertise people digitally. 

Digital Channels such as social media,search engine optimization(SEO),Email marketing and

Mobile apps


The word Digital Marketing was first popularized in early 2000’s

In the year 1896 the first human to demonstrate a “Public transmission of wireless signals”

From there it took another 10 years for the radio to reach the general public.

Radio was the first Digital Marketing channel 


In 2000’s there are 4 big categories of digital marketing 

1.Offline Marketing 

2.Radio Marketing 

3.TV Marketing 

4.Phone Marketing 

Online Digital Marketing summary 

There are 7 big categories of online marketing 

1.Search engine optimization(SEO).

2.Search engine marketing(SEM).

3.Content marketing.

4.Social media marketing(SMM).

5.Pay per click advertising(PPC).

6.Affiliate marketing. 

7.Email marketing.


SEO stands for search engine optimization.seo helps to rank your website first on google page 

With the help of optimization.

Optimizing such as specific keywords,search keywords,optimization of the web,building

Backlinks to your content.

The 2 different types of seo 1.on page seo 

                                             2.off page seo  

On page seo is optimization of web page content for search engines and users.optimizing like

Title tags,content,URLs.

Off page seo means anything done outside of your website to affect search engine rankings

For Example link building,social media,guest writing,backlinks etc..,


SEM stands for search engine marketing it is used to increase the visibility of the website in

Search engine result pages.

Search engine marketing is also referred to as paid search.

Search engine marketing is used to increase traffic to your website by optimizing your website

and running ads.


Content marketing is one of the main theme that plays very important role in the digital

Marketing . content marketing is like storytelling through your writing 

Content marketing involves like content creation from your blogs,creating content videos,

infographics ,and case studies  


Social media marketing means advertising (or) promoting your blog (or) products through social

Media platforms like facebook,linkedin,youtube and instagram.

Making ads like Text Ads, video Ads and search ads 


Pay per click (ppc) is also known as the Google ads and microsoft ads. these are paid ads to 

Grow your business.

Ads like video ads,text ads,search ads,shopping ads , display ads.

Almost all the companies use pay per click ads.


Affiliate marketing is used to grow your funnel like growth from the third party websites,link 


It is used to promote the brand or the products for free.

It helps with signup,registrations,conversions and  subscriptions.

Affiliate marketing is nothing but promoting other products and getting some commission from 

the products.


Email marketing is one of the best ways to communicate with your customers (or) audience.

It allows you to build relationship with leads customers and past customers 

With a right message email can be the most impactful marketing channel. Communicate with

them sending messages ,cold mails etc..,

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